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“Mainstream pedagogy will have to change, leading to hands-on, project-based, multidisciplinary approaches that entrepreneurship education requires." 
World Economic Forum

How To Start Something

Student-centric, Versatile, Best-practice Based

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Capstone course(s), early stage idea accelerator/bootcamp curriculum and instructor/facilitator resource/toolkit with a communication dashboard.
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Capstone Project
Multiple Courses
Accelerator Curriculum
Entrepreneurship Toolkit
Co-Curricular Multi-Disciplinary
Entrepreneurship Resource


Starter centered, experiential, entrepreneurship
Online Entrepreneurship Curriculum:
Projects, Capstone Courses and Teacher/Facilitator Resource Toolkit
Integrates best practices of Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Theory U, & Personal Development in step-by-step framework
Features young, diverse entrepreneurs
Immersive, real world learning drives data driven decision making
Dashboard allows for instructor/starter communication,
uploading of exercises, comments, grading

"I loved that How To Start Something was completely action oriented. The modules are conveniently broken up into bite-size, quick videos and worksheets that make it easy to get through at your own pace and schedule."
Engineer, Starter
"I quickly realized How To Start Something is an accelerator for every entrepreneur no matter the stage."
"How To Start Something is an awesome tool for anyone who wants to take an idea and make it into a business. It has been incredible - helping me clarify my purpose and simplify my idea so that I can release a product that will appeal."

People First

Unlike other entrepreneurship courses, How To Start Something enhances the individual's self awareness and self understanding and guides them through a framework to align who they are, what matters to them and their definition of success and an ideal life with their entrepreneurial idea. In How To Start Something the starter grows in personal clarity, understanding and self awareness all of which are essential to succeeding as value creators, entrepreneurs and social change makers.

Purpose - Meaningful Driven Projects

The student/starter begins the How To Start Something process by identifying their purpose, why for being alive and then aligns their idea with their personal hopes, dreams, goals and life vision.

Action Oriented

There are no lectures. There are no books. How To Start Something leverages the scientific method in an action oriented, immersive project based experience to transform ideas into businesses or social ventures.

About the Founder

After selling my $18 Million dollar company and failing at my next venture, I earned my Masters in Teaching and launched a consulting/coaching practice to accelerate entrepreneurs. Soon I was also teaching entrepreneurship at the MBA level and struggling with the fact there weren't any experiential, step, by step sequential courses to simplify the entrepreneurial journey and simultaneously increase the success outcomes of early stage creators/artist/entrepreneurs/change makers.

How To Start Something is my framework that I have used to accelerate thousands of entrepreneurs, students and to transform college campuses. It is a unique starter centric method which integrates the best practices of Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Business Modeling, and much more in a sequential, step-by-step process to accelerate learning and entrepreneurial success.

How To Start Something aims at equipping and empowering the masses to develop a practice of entrepreneurship and to succeed in today’s economy.

The world is changing. Today's students and citizens must become astute at value creation, creativity, problem solving and entrepreneurship. It’s not a nicety, it’s central to success in the digital age and in a global economy.
Pam Hoelzle, Founder Picture
How To Start Something aims at equipping and empowering the masses to develop a personal practice of entrepreneurship and succeed in today’s entrepreneurial leaning world.
Pam Hoelzle Signature
“Most of what you hear about entrepreneurship is all wrong. It's not magic; it's not mysterious; and it has nothing to do with genes. It's a discipline and, like any discipline, it can be learned." 
Peter Drucker

How To Start Something

The 8 Step Process to Turn Ideas Into Businesses/Non-Profits

The Kauffman Foundation asserts the traditional methods of encouraging entrepreneurship are not producing desired results and should be replaced with methods that are more likely to gain traction. How to Start Something is a new framework and method which leverages entreprenuerial best practices.


Self Awareness

The more self aware the entrepreneur, the more successful...


Sweet Spot

When the founder is clear on their WHY, values, definition of success & sweet spot they are set up to succeed.


Idea Roadmap

Transform any idea into a business or social model, see beyond the product/service. 


Will Someone Buy It?

An immersive real world step-by-step customer/donor discovery practice to uncover and validate clients/users/donors. 


Rapid Prototyping for Feedback

Prospective clients, users and donors will provide rapid feedback in response to a non-functional minimal viable product/service based on validated attributes of differentiation.


Recipe for Success

Now that we've gained traction it's time to dive deeper into the business/non-profit model and create a validated operations plan of action.


Create Raving Fans

Test customer acquisition and loyalty guesses to develop a validated sales/marketing play book and cost overview. 


Will it Make Money?

Determine if the idea will make money before it is launched by turning validated costs, sales/donation projections, cost of goods, gross profit, into a statement of cash flow.


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